121212 Hyuk at TLJ – Conversations with Fans [Compilations]

** [Fan-account] 121212 Tous Les Jours ㅡ Fan asked Hyuk what is his hair colour, she said because she also wants to dye her hair like him.

Eunhyuk told her not to do it. She will need to bleach it so her hair can be completely damaged.

So the fan told Hyuk that since he always dyed his hair, it is damaging a lot too. Later he might need to cut off most of his hair. Hyuk went ballistic. lol

[cr: FlowerWoon]
** [Fan-account] 121212 Tous Les Jours ㅡ Eunhyuk and the staff who works at the POS counter always fight over Petitzel’s weight xD

//patience unnie, our Hyukkie is slowly learning ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[cr s__jr13]

**[Fanaccount] 121212 Tous Les Jours ㅡ A fan bought streusel bread, only when paying she noticed that it is Streusel bread with red bean filling. She told Hyuk she didn’t eat red bean though.

When she’s looking blank Hyuk said to her “If that so, before eating remove the red bean filing! Then it’ll be just like streseul bread! ^^ ”


[cr: 도내야]

**[Fanaccount] 121212 Tous Les Jours ㅡ A fan ordered cola, Hyuk: “what? Co..Cola?” then he told the fan that GS25 (convenience store) nearby sells it, so go there. xDD

She then said to Hyuk that in the menu board there’s cola though~ After a long stare he said to the fan don’t drink iced tea / cold drinks today, drink something warm like hot chocolate.

[cr: 마약같은 멸뚜]

**[Fanaccount] 121212 Tous Les Jours ㅡ Hyuk went to give some fans their drinks himself, he was wandering and asking around “hot choco~? hot choco~?” so cute!!

Chinese fans told Hyuk that his nose is straight and his eyes look big in broken Korean, Hyuk replied “Zhen de?” (really?)

[cr 마약같은 멸뚜]

**[Fanaccount] 121212 Tous Les Jours ㅡ About SJ-M activities 😉

The fan told Hyuk, “oppa your hair is pretty!!”
Hyuk: “Pretty right?”
Fan: “yep! I think you will look stunning with that hair in the MV that you’ll shoot this week!”
Hyuk: “I think so too~~!” ㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Fan: “Oppa, just like last time, SuJu-M will do promotion in Greater China (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) right? And will also do radio show and variety right?
Hyuk: Aheyy, of course!! It’s right.. of course we will be doing all that~~!^-^

//ah wanna know about their longstay too~ ;p\

[cr: 멸뚜마약같은]


**[Fanaccount] 121212 Tous Les Jours ㅡ

Fan: Oppa your hair colour is rly pretty!!
Hyuk: Hair only? What about my face? Not pretty?
Fan: No!!! Your face is pretty too! Really good looking! Handsome!!
Hyuk: *smiling* of course~~

hahahahahahahahaha ㄱ‿ㄱ

[cr 최지은]
cr: honeydewname

**121212 Tous Les Jours
I asked him ‘oppa(,) did you fight with siwon oppa?’ and he replied ‘why would I fight with him.. if I fight with that kid(,) I will lose’ ㅋㅋ

[cr kdr0404_sj]

**121212 Tous Les Jours:
when I was paying todayㅋㅋ : here’s a letter..!!
Hyuk: oh thank you~
Me: oppa what colour is your hair colour?
Hyuk: try guessingㅋㅋ
Me: i dont knowㅋㅋㅋ
Friend: grandfather colour!!
Hyuk: what did you say?
Me: it seems like its blue… Its even blue-er at the back!!
Hyuk: yes its that sort of colourㅋㅋㅋ

[cr: teukminhae_]

cr: teukables

**[FAN ACCOUNT] Blue Myeolchi at Tous les Jours

Me: I like your hair! *Thumbs up* It looks really good!
Hyuk: Thank you…. Oh! *Looks over me and around the bakery* (in Korean) You should say that to my mom… (in English) you…uh.. say… uh… to..uh… Mama… (in korean) she doesnt like it…
Me: Ahh tell your mom I like your hair??
Hyuk: Yes!
Me: Aww she doesn’t like it??
*Hyuk smiles and shakes his head*
Me: ok!ㅋㅋ So.. Yesung pink..you blue… Who is next? Next member change??
Hyuk: ahh I dont know… ㅋㅋ

ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ He is so cute ♥♥♥♥ After that we bump into Hyukmom outside the bakery and tell her that her son told me to tell her I liked his hair and she laughed and was like you do??? But I dont.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

cr: sjissj




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