121214 Leeteuk’s Interview with K.forces Media

Q. After ending your training at the training centre, how have you been ever since you transferred here?
– I enlisted on the 30th of October. I received my training diligently at the Recruit Training Centre and after I finished the training, I was transferred here and have been working hard for the 6.25 musical that the Ministry of National Defence will be producing. (Because) I received my training diligently so my stamina seems to have worn out so I was worried if I could do well for the musical but now that practice has already started(,) I am living on with a pleasant mindset.

Q. On the first day at the Recruit Training Centre, what thoughts did you have before you slept?
– Firstly(,) the people who has already came to the army told me a lot that it is really hard and lonely but I enlisted with Soldier Lee Sangchul(Sangchu) so we talked a lot so it seems that there wasn’t much loneliness. The 3 days that I was at the reserve centre(,) I kept thinking “am I really here at the army now?” and it didn’t feel real.

Q. Was there a training at the training centre that was memorable?
– The things that we hear easily and experience in our everyday life(,) there are a lot of restrictions after you come to the army. Come to think of it(,) I’ve came to discover that there are little things that I became thankful for and little things that makes me feel happy. Because of that(,) all (the trainings) were memorable but if I have to pick one(,) it would be shooting. Doing live firing with a loaded gun for the first time in my life, I did well for the day shooting and the night shooting etc so I received the “Shooting King” commendation from the Division Commander and that seems to be the most unforgettable moment of my life.

Q. Is there a food that especially became delicious after you’ve enlisted to the army?
– Actually(,) before I enlisted(,) I can’t drink fresh milk well but during the period when I was receiving educational training(,) whenever there is fresh milk(,) the guy that was next to me will drink it to the point where there was nothing left. Before(I enlisted,) I didn’t eat well but at the training centre(,) I really didn’t even leave a grain of rice and ate everything cleanly. And the chocopie that I have to mention.. the blood donation car came and (because) I was the ambassador for blood donation for about 4 years so I thought that I have to donate blood but the person who came here was someone I’ve worked with before so that person treated me chocopies. I ate 8 chocopies. I also ate 4 tangerines and 2 boxes of cookies(.) It was memorable that I ate so many chocopies to the degree that I didn’t even know I liked it this much.

[CR: http://demaclub.tistory.com/1032
Translated by @teukables]





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