[ARTICLE] Asia Super Showcase Successfully Draws in 8000 Fans in Malaysia

BTOB, EXO-M and Super Junior M showed their strength as they brought together fans in one of Malaysia’s biggest events to date.

On December 11, Malaysia’s largest K-pop Showcase easily drew a crowd of 8000 as K-pop’s hottest acts were on the lineup. Organized by Marctensia and Universal Malaysia, the showcase featured performances from BTOB, EXO-M and Super Junior’s sub unit Super Junior-M.

BTOB opened the showcase performing “Born To Beat” as their intro. This was quickly followed by “Irrestible Lips” and “Imagine.” A short interview and fan session occurred before they continued their next song. When asked about how they felt about being in Malaysia for the first time, Peniel replied, ”It was such a great feeling, a warm welcome from fans, and everything here is beautiful.” Leader Eunkwang added he wanted to spend 2 days and 1 night with fans if they were given a chance while Minhyuk wanted to take a walk on the beach with fans. Maknae Sungjae jokingly said, ”Do you want to go out (date) with me?” During the interactive fan session, 3 lucky fans were picked to be on the stage. Ilhoon then taught the fans his famous ‘Kiyomi song’. BTOB closed their performance with “One Thing I Know”, “My Girl” and finally their debut song, “Insane.” They wrapped up with a cool and energetic stage of their recent comeback single “Wow” from their 2nd Mini Album.

The showcase continued with Exo-M’s appearance, performing “History” as their opening song, followed by “Angel 你的世界 (Angel Your World)” and “What is Love.” During the Q&A session, when asked about their feeling of being in Malaysia for the first time, Luhan said, ”This place is beautiful!” while member Lay thoughtfully said Malaysian fans are beautiful and smart because they know many languages. EXO-M finished their performance with their title song “MAMA.”  The response from the audience was spectacular as they really looked forward for this song stage, being EXO’s most popular and highly rated track thus far.

The final performance of the night was Super Junior- M, a sub-unit group from Super Junior that included Eunhyuk, Ryeowook, Donghae, Sungmin, Zhoumi and Henry as members. The hall automatically turned into a sapphire blue ocean as soon the boys came out. Choosing the catchy song “Super Girl” as their opening song made the crowd go wild.  The sophomore performance was then “至少还有你 (At Least I Still Have You).” After a strong opening, member Eunhyuk greeted the fans with “Apa khabar? Nama saya Eunhyuk, terima kasih. (Hello/How are you? My name is Eunhyuk, Thank you).” They were very excited to meet Malaysian fans again after quite a long time and wanted to come to the country yearly. The performance then continued with a beautiful duet song ”爱不单行 (Love Doesn’t Come Alone)” (originally by singer Show Luo) with the wonderful blending of Zhoumi and Ryeowook’s voices, featuring Eunhyuk as the rapper. They then spent quite some time for the interview before they continued with the last 3 songs. When asked how they feel to be back in Malaysia after quite some time, Donghae said, “You (fans) look more beautiful this time.”  Eunhyuk added,  “We’re here to look for a girlfriend!” Then, they were asked about their progress in learning the Mandarin language. Eunhyuk jokingly answered,  “Zhoumi is learning harder than everyone and has improved alot.”  Zhoumi replied to Eunhyuk’s ribbing with, “Wasn’t I the one that originally spoke Mandarin here?” After which, member Kyuhyun also showing a bit of his Mandarin skills to the audience. A short VCR of member Siwon’s video message to fans were also shown as he couldn’t attend due to other schedule (filming for ‘King of Dramas’). Then the fans asked the sub-unit, “Would you like to have a long stay in Malaysia?” Eunhyuk once again wittily answered, “Why don’t you guys come and stay in our hostel, we will cook and sing for you.” Then they were asked to pick among the members who they would date if they were a girl. Sungmin answered, “My roommate Kyuhyun.” To which Kyuhyun replied, “Is it date or marry?”  Then Kyuhyun said, “Hmm Donghae! He’s a romantic guy but I don’t want to marry him.” Donghae then chose Eunhyuk but Eunhyuk chose Zhoumi, while Ryeowook chose Sungmin. The interview session continued with guess the local fruits name game. The boys added they will release a new album very soon and have been preparing to shoot the music video in the coming days. Member Donghae also did a teaser of the dance choreography for their upcoming song. The boys ended the showcase with their final 3 songs,  “迷 (Me)”, “命运线 (Destiny)” and finally “太完美 (Perfection).”


It was a memorable night in Malaysia as K-pop’s hottest group graced the stage at the Kenanga Whosale City in Kuala Lumpur.


cr: kpopstarz.com


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