[Star of the Week] Super Junior-M as We Know It

While the group may hold a large fanbase already, to the K-Pop newcomer or fans who are just unfamiliar with the subgroup, Super Junior M may seem like a complete mystery.

So to bring light to the Korean-Chinese unit group, here is a brief look at Super Junior M, although, of course, we’ll never know as much as Super Junior fans, so if there are things you feel we left out, please add them below!


The Name

The ‘M’ in Super Junior-M doesn’t simply mean mandarin, like many people think, since it is a group with both Korean and Chinese members. But there’s actually a lot more meaning behind that simple letter M.

The letter M stands for Super Junior-M’s first album, Me, where the members sang, “It’s going to be me” in a more romantic sense. It can also mean the Chinese ‘mi,’ meaning bewitching, charming, or infatuating, which the Super Junior-M members do pretty well.

While this one may seem a bit farfetched, some fans speculate that the ‘-M’ in Super Junior-M represents the original 13 since when you rotate ‘-M’ 90 degrees clockwise, the symbol and letter presents ’13.’ The speculations became stronger when the hyphen was not used when Super Junior T made its debut.

This, however, is definitely not official, but something some fans still hold onto, since there was a strong cry about the ‘Only 13’ controversy when the new members were added to the subgroup.



Super Junior-M started out with seven members, consisting of Choi Siwon, Donghae, Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Hangeng, and two Chinese members Henry and Zhoui.

The addition of the two Chinese members caused much controversy amongst ELFs, who did not want members added, since it could mean that someone in the original 13 would have to leave.

The anger amongst fans was so great that they even bought SM Entertainment stocks and held some control over what the company could do. Fortunately for ELFs, SM Entertainment promised the number of the original 13 would remain as is.

But bad news always follows good, and in 2009, Hangeng filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate his contract and inevitably dropped out from the group.

As the court case wrapped up and the air was somewhat clear, SM Entertainment added two Super Junior members, Eunhyuk and Sungmin, into the subgroup, to create the complete eight we see today.


Due to lawsuits and the busy promotions of Super Junior, Super Junior-M has only two full-length albums (10 tracks or more) since its debut in 2008. But the group does have a nice sprinkle of repackaged albums, extended play albums, and singles, including some in Korean and Japanese to add a nice twist.

While it was only the Chinese version of the original song, U still proved to give off a different vibe as the song was sung in Chinese with the new members. Also, f(x)’s Victoria was the lady of interest instead of SNSD’s Yoona, and Henry plays the violin, and that’s always a plus.

Then Me happened, shedding the cool guy toughness from U and giving the members a refreshing and adorable image, as the members collected giant letters to spell out their name.

Super Junior-M released Super Girl in 2009, both in Chinese and Korean.

Not only does Hangeng go through drastic transformation to impress SNSD’s Jessica, all the members do, as they manned up from the adorable teenage boy to the suit-wearing, lady-seducing slick party boys.

Blue Tomorrow was a nice surprise from all the exciting and energetic songs that the group showed previously as it proved that not only are the members flower boys, they are flower boys who can sweetly carry a tune and don’t need to dance to capture our hearts.

Super Junior-M went on hiatus as it dealt with a lawsuit, but the group returned in 2011 with Perfection, even surprising fans with two new members to the unit group.

Eunhyuk and Sungmin filled the empty spot of Hangeng, while strengthening the group in all areas of dancing, singing, and rapping.

And we finally return back to 2013 after a nice nostalgic trip to the past.

Returning to fans in 2013 with a brand new sound, improved dance moves, and colorful hairstyles, Super Junior-M broke it down with Break Down.

The catchy, electronic sound proved it was worthy of both Chinese and Korean promotions, which are what the eight boys are currently working hard on completing.

Also in the Break Down album, Zhoumi and Henry had their hands messy, personally arranging and writing the lyrics to a few of the songs included in the album.

And it will most likely only get better from there.

Photo Credit: SM Entertainment

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